segunda-feira, 29 de junho de 2009

Look, He is always there!

"That one who made a deep impression on me is Kosie, a young South African, suffering from Down’s Syndrome.
I wish you could have heard him pray; it was childlike, simple and full of faith. When he prayed I had the impression that he was so near to God that he could touch Him.
One day I asked him, "Kosie, how do you picture God?" He looked directly at me. Was my question too difficult for his simple mind? No, because his eyes began to twinkle. "As a shade, Uncle Jan, as a shade - look there he is..."
He pointed to his shadow and then he stood and jumped and ran all the time pointing to his shadow. "Look, Uncle Jan, He is always there!"
What a deep truth. "The Lord is your shade at your right hand."
Always visible when you walk in the light! Sometimes invisible when everything around is dark - either through sin or circumstances. But the shade is still there.
Matthew Henry, in his Bible commentary says, "The God of Israel is sometimes a God who hides Himself, but never a God who absents Himself; sometimes in the dark, but never at a distance."
In the light and in the dark, in storm and shine: "The Lord watches over you - the Lord is your shade at your right hand."

1995 Open Doors International.

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