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This is just to inform you what "Semana Missionária" means.

Semana Missionária. It is a kind of "Mission Fest", but the translation is "Mission Week".
Purpose #1 - To raise funds for Missions in general. For missionaries and/or mission fields. Purpose #2 - To encourage, strenght Church members vision for missions: necessities and God´s intention to the world.
When: It happens every year on September Duration: One week What: To meet purpose one church members are encouraged to use their criativity and talents in order to produce goods to be sold during the week at the church where people in general is invited to come and purchase them. Also, offerings are encouraged.
To meet purpose two, preachers and missionaries are invited to share their testimonies of calling and their experiences on the mission field in order to express what God is doing in their lives and people they are reaching. Also we have a time for praise for what God has doing in the world regarding missions.
Last years we helped missionaries and mission fields to improve church facilities in Espinosa and NS2 (North of Minas Gerais); to improve facilieties in a place for "Recovering people of drugs and alcohol abuse; health treatment for Missionary kids; Missionaries support; Missionaries Theological education; Bible Institute students support for an indigenous nation called Terena. Those fields and missionaries are in Azerbaijan, Equatorial New-Guinea, West of Brazil, North of Minas Gerais State in Brazil, and also here in Montes Claros. In 2008 we raised enough support to send our first missionary abroad (Malawi, AFRICA). In 2009, we are focusing in Germany in order to help, sending a missionary there at the beggining of next year, but if not possible to keep those funds in Church Missionary Funds to be sent further in order to meet Mission field and/or missionaries needs.
Who we are: 7th Presbyterian Church of Montes Claros. Located in the North of Minas Gerais State, Brazil.

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